Quality. Value. Precision. Innovation.
X-Ray America provides X-ray tubes of premium quality and exceptional value
manufactured by IAE and complemented with outstanding customer service.

IAE Manufactures 10,000 X-ray tubes per year for OEMs and Service Companies
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Quality. Value. Precision. Innovation.
X-ray America combines handmade precision with high technology to create innovative products, while performing extensive research and development.
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Our Mission: Support our customers’ success in enabling their customers to diagnose disease and save lives.


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IAE offers the Diagnostic Imaging Industry more than 150 different models and is the strategic partner for many of the largest imaging equipment manufacturers in the world. Since IAE started manufacturing X-ray tubes in Cormano, Italy, in 1965, they have grown to be the largest independent manufacturer of rotating anode X-ray tubes in Europe. Many OEMs, including GE, Fuji, Philips, Agfa* use IAE X-ray tubes as OEM components on their diagnostic imaging systems.

X-Ray America joined IAE as their exclusive distributor in the US to offer new and innovative options for premium quality X-ray tubes. Founded by diagnostic imaging industry veteran David Hurlock, X-Ray America provides the high level of service that OEMs and service companies require to compete in today’s dynamic market.  

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David Hurlock
Founder & CEO

David Hurlock attended his first RSNA in 1989. He supported customers from Global OEMs to small service companies over his 30+ year career in the Diagnostic Imaging industry. Whether working for the largest X-ray imaging components OEM or running his own company, David always puts customers first. His passion is supporting the companies that enable their customers to diagnose disease and save lives.

Process. Quality. R&D.

Continuous Improvement

IAE addresses every challenge with technical innovation and efficiency through automation, applying their engineers’ and operators’ extensive knowledge and experience. Currently, they focus on two strategies for their research and development:

• Product performance improvement 
• Product reliability improvement

IAE routinely draws specialized expertise from a network of universities and test laboratories. That cooperation yielded unique processes yield quieter performance and longer tube life.  

Quality Control

• Focal spots size and alignment 
• Vibration measurements 
• Noise level detection and measurement 
• Radiation Leakage 

Quality Management System

IAE’s Quality Management system has been certified since 1998, currently to ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016. All their products have CE and cMETus marks. IAE’s manufacturing facility is a US FDA registered manufacturing establishment. 

IAE supplies more than 10,000 X-ray tubes a year to OEMs and Service Companies around the world.

Our Products


Small lightweight efficient X-ray tubes with a wide range of focal spots and target angles for mobile systems.  Compatible replacements for the popular mobile systems in the market. 

Computerized Tomography

Complete CT tube assemblies for service replacement and Glass inserts for GE CT scanners. 


X-ray tubes with outstanding high voltage stability, small focal spots, high thermal capacity and dissipation, designed for optimum performance in surgical C-Arms. 


Compact and lightweight rotating anode X-ray tubes designed for mammography systems, including some with dual-angle targets and tungsten anodes for optimal performance on the latest mammography systems. 

Radiographic and R/F Systems

Cost-effective rotating anode X-ray tubes for general radiography systems from light to intensive duty cycles and throughput. Service replacements for many major OEMs. 

Angiography and Catheterization systems

X-ray tubes specifically designed for high throughput and special applications like remote tables and angio systems. 

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